Friday, February 12, 2010, 8:00 PM
Nokia Theatre L.A. Live
777 Chick Hearn Ct. Los Angeles, CA 90015


Concert Info

Powerhouse & MBC America were proud to present the much-anticipated INSOONI Concert, which was held in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Friday, February 12, 2010 at 8:00 PM. INSOONI has been widely known as one of the most famous female singers in South Korea and is much respected for her powerful voice and energetic performances. Those who were present say it was surely a dynamic concert experience they would never forget. INSOONI ended the show with "A Goose's Dream" and nearly the whole theatre was on the verge of tears just from being able to feel the emotion in her voice. It was definitely a concert filled with strength, passion, and personality!


Artist Info

INSOONI made her debut in 1978 as a member of the group "Hee Sisters". She has since then successfully maintained the image of an R&B diva and stands as a legend, releasing a total of 19 albums over the past 31 years.  She has earned a great number of music awards such as the KBS Artist of the Year Award (1994-1996), KBS Best Female Artist Award (1995), Best Dressed Artist Award (2004), MKMF Dedicated Artist Award (2007), and SBS Artist Award (2007). A few of her popular songs include “Every Night” (1984), “Again” (1996), “Dear Friend” (2004) featuring Cho PD, “Passion” (2006), and “A Goose’s Dream” (2007) originally sung by the project group Carnival .

“A Goose’s Dream” quickly rose to fame as an inspirational ballad that gave hopes and dreams to listeners all over the country. Many idol stars such as DBSK, SNSD, Wonder Girls, and Davichi are known to have performed this song as a cover on various shows and concert stages. Se7en, Eru, Lee Seung Gi, and Jae Joong of DBSK collaborated with INSOONI at the 2006 KBS Music Awards for a special stage performance of this song as well.

Born to a Korean mother and an African-American father, INSOONI encountered numerous obstacles growing up as a biracial child in South Korea. People pointed fingers and whispered behind her back because she was different, which made her insecure and reluctant to speak out. Life was not always easy for this diva, but she managed to endure the hardships and took advantage of her tough experiences to be where she is today. She now stands tall and proud in front of thousands of people, sharing her life story through inspirational music and participating in a countless number of charity works.

In 2005, she was one of the top artists to perform at the Korean Music Festival which takes place annually at the Hollywood Bowl. She acted in famous musicals such as “Song & Dance” (1998) and “Chicago” (2000) while completing several series of concerts in Korea as well as overseas.

INSOONI’s most recent album was released in May of 2009, which consists of her newest single "Fantasia". Some other notable songs from this album are “Father”, “To My Daughter”, and “Get Up” featuring the rap duo Mighty Mouth. She had recently appeared on the new SBS variety show “Strong Heart” and grabbed the attention of many viewers when 2NE1 rapper CL rapped alongside INSOONI during a brief performance of “Dear Friend”.

Album History

Hee Sisters – Hee Sisters (1978)
Hee Sisters – Disco (1979)
Hee Sisters – Hee Sisters 3rd Album (1979)
Ties (1980)
INSOONI 2nd Album (1981)
Tear-filled Letter (1982)
Only Sadness Remains (1982)
Our Beautiful Country (1984)
The Woman Who Was Called Elena (1991)
Woman (1996)
The Queen of Soul (1996)
Future & Memories (1997)
My Turn (2001)
A to Z (2004)
Amazing Grace Live Concert (2006)
Insooni Remix Party with DJ Oga (Single) (2006)
A Goose’s Dream (Digital Single) (2007)
Anthology 97-08 (2008)
Fantasia (2009)


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인순이 콘서트

2010년 2월 12일 금요일  8:00 P.M.
Nokia Theatre L.A. Live
777 Chick Hearn Ct. Los Angeles, CA 90015
티켓 가격:  $30, $60, $90, $120


공 연 정 보

파워하우스와 MBC AMERICA가 공동주최하는 인순이 콘서트가 오는 2010년 2월12일 금요일 저녁 8시 LA 다운타운에 위치한 노키아 LA LIVE극장에서 열립니다.  열정적인 무대 매너와 폭발적인 가창력으로 대한민국 최고의 여가수로 꼽히고 있는 인순이는 이번 LA공연에서 쇼와 콘서트를 결합시킨 다양한 레퍼토리로 관중을 사로 잡을 계획입니다.


가 수 소 개

가수 인순이는 지난 1978년에 그룹 “희자매”로 데뷔해, 1983년 솔로로 발표한 ‘밤이면 밤마다’의 빅 히트로 인기 가수 반열에 올랐습니다. 인순이는 데뷔 후 올해까지 31년 동안 혼혈 가수로서의 사회적인 편견을 극복하고 호소력 있는 목소리, 그녀만의 색깔있는 목소리와 파워풀한 퍼포먼스로 대중들의 마음을 사로 잡으며 한국 가요계의 수 많은 상들을 휩쓸기도 했습니다. 이제껏 총 19장의 앨범들을 발표했고 음악적으로도 늘 다양한 시도를 하는 등 활발한 활동으로 대한민국 최고의 디바로 성장했습니다.

“밤이면 밤마다”, “또”, “친구여”, “열정”, “거위의 꿈” 등 각기 다른 장르의 곡들이 그녀를 대표하고 있으며 지난 5월 발표한 그녀의 최신 정규 앨범 중 타이틀 곡 “환타지아”를 비롯, “Cry”, “아버지”, 등 곡들이 높은 완성도로 호평받고 있습니다.

앨 범 소 개

희자매 – 희자매 (1978)
희자매 – Disco (1979)
희자매 – 희자매 3집 (1979)
인연 (1980)
인순이 2집 (1981)
눈물의 편지 (1982)
슬픔만 남아 있어요 (1982)
아름다운 우리나라 (1984)
에.레.나.라.불.리.운.여.인 (1991)
여자 (1996)
The Queen of Soul (1996)
Future & Memories (1997)
My Turn (2001)
A to Z (2004)
Amazing Grace Live Concert (2006)
인순이 Remix Party with DJ Oga (Single) (2006)
거위의 꿈 (Digital Single) (2007)
Anthology 97-08 (2008)
Fantasia (2009)

수 상 경 력

MBC, TBC 중창단상 수상 (1978)
KBS 7대 가수상 수상 (1981)
KBS 7대 가수상 수상 (1984)
KBS 올해의 가수상 수상 (1994)
KBS 방송대상 여자 가수상 수상 (1995)
KBS 올해의 가수상 수상 (1995)
스포츠서울 SBS / 서울가요대상 10대 가수상 수상 (1996)
SBS 가요대제전 특별상 수상 (1996)
KBS 올해의 가수상 수상 (1996)
제 4회 대한민국 연예 예술상 / 국무 총리 훈장 수상 (1997)
대한민국 국민훈장 목련장 수상 (1997)
제6회 한국예술실연자협회대상 가수부분 (2004)
2004년 베스트드레서상 가수부분 (2004)
KBS 가요대상 본상 (2004)
스포츠서울 제정 서울가요대전 본상 (2004)
제 17회 한국방송 프로듀서상 출연자상 가수부분 (2005)
한국방송협회 가수부문 대상 (2005)
KBS가요대상 본상 수상 (2005)
이대의 여성지도자상 수상 (2006)
KBS-2TV 뮤직뱅크 1위 (2007)
MKMF 시상식 헌정상 (2007)
SBS 가요대전 (2007)


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